Facility Description

South Florida Research Phase I-IV, Inc is located in Miami Springs, less than 3 miles from Hialeah Hospital, 4 miles from Palmetto General Hospital, 4 miles from Jackson Memorial Hospital, and 1 mile from Miami International Airport, between two main expressways and other points of interest like hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, and public transportation.

As a Health Service Company, we offer a wide range of Diagnostic Non-Invasive Procedures. Our personnel meet the highest level of experience and capacity to offer a great quality and professionalism that you need, having always in mind the patient welfare.

Office Description

  • 4000 sq. area
  • Waiting room
  • Reception desk
  • Private Consenting Area
  • Double Locked Unblinded Pharmacy Room
  • Double Locked Blinded Pharmacy Room
  • Dedicated Monitor Room
  • Study Coordinators offices
  • Confinement Area with  PlayStation games, Smart TV’s with Netflix, board games
  • PK Sampling Room
  • Inpatient & Outpatient CLIA Waived Laboratory
  • Onsite Storage Room
  • 5 Exam rooms, Fully Equipped
  • IV infusion Room
  • 2 blood drawing chair
  • 12 overnight stay beds
  • Synchronized Clocks
  • Lounge Area/ Kitchen
  • 4 Bathrooms, Showers
  • Patient Transportation
  • Conference Room
  • Administrative Office
  • Regulatory Office
  • Wifi Access points available
  • Copier Machines
  • Security Alarm System
  • Building Equipped with generator

Equipment Description

  • 7  Refrigerators
  • 3  Freezer  -80
  • 2 Freezer -20
  • Traceable NIST Certified Thermometers  for monitoring.
  • Traceable® Digital Barometer with a NIST Traceable® Calibration Certificate 
  • Oxygen
  • On site laboratory: 3 Ambient centrifuge and 2 refrigerated centrifuge, Abbott ID NOW,  Mckesson Urine Strip Analyzer, Breathalyzer, venipuncture chairs, 5 bio-hazard waste, microscope, glucometer, ketone meter
  • 9 Infusion chairs
  • Weight Scale (manual & Digital)
  • Blood Pressure Machines (manual & Digital) (6)
  • Oximeter (12)
  • Ophthalmo-otorhino-laryngoscopic (5)
  • Emergency Kit: Banyan Stat Kits  Crash Cart
  • Nebulizer Machine
  • Spirometry
  • Electrocardiogram Bionet Cardiocare
  • Defibrillator 43110 A HP Series 

The services within site distance:

Radiology within site distance

C.A.T. Scan


Nuclear Medicine